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Airspace map

Airspace map

The airspace use map refresh in every 5 minutes. Clicking on the image will open a separate web page, full page wide.
You can print the map by clicking on the icon.
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OMSZ logo Low-Level significant weather map

The Hungarian Meteorological Service provider prepares a map area forecast (low-level significant map, hereinafter LL SIGWX) for the Central European region to serve low level flights. The map is valid from the surface to FL100 altitude, the map shows the weather fronts in the area, the different weather zones and boundaries, the wind conditions of significant weather elements and the pressure level of 850 hPa (~ 1500 m) with wind flags (if the wind speed exceeds 7 m / s).

LL SIGWX is produced 3 times a day for the following fixed times: 06, 12 and 18 UTC.

The prepared product consists of two parts. The already detailed elements are indicated on the attached base map. Attached to this is a table showing the visual conditions of the isolated areas, the time image, the amount of clouds, the types, the characteristic height of their base and roof, the degree of turbulence and icing, and the height of 0 degrees.

Low-Level significant weather guide pdf document.
Data provider is the Országos Meteorológiai Szolgálat, OMSZ (Hungarian Meteorological Service provider).

Date and Time

Airspace use plan

The Airspace Use Plan (AUP) contains the details of Temporary Restricted Areas (TRAs), Danger Areas (DAs) and other Accidental Areas for a 24 hours time period between 00.00 UTC to 24.00 UTC of the next day.

The effective application of the EUROCONTROL Flexible Use of Airspace Concept requires that airspace allocation decisions of the HungaroControl Pte. Ltd. Co. Airspace Management Cell are promulgated daily in an efficient, timely and accurate manner by the Airspace Use Plan.