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19/02/2020. MyDroneSpace Legal Statement

By downloading and installing the MyDroneSpace application, you, as the User, agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this statement by HungaroControl Zrt.

You acknowledge that by downloading and installing the MyDroneSpace application you become eligible to use the trial version of the MyDroneSpace application. In view of the mandatory application of European Union law, the trial registration of the User is valid until July 1, 2020.

Current legislation requires the designation of temporary airspace for UAV operations.
The User acknowledges that the use of the MyDroneSpace application does not exempt the User from complying with the legal requirement to request and use the temporary airspace required for the operation of an unmanned aerial vehicle.
The User is not able to request temporary airspace through the MyDroneSpace application, the check in MyDroneSpace does not result in airspace reservation, and the check does not qualify as a flight report or any permit request.

The User expressly acknowledges that the trial version of the MyDroneSpace application contains limitations of functionality and possible bugs.

HungaroControl Zrt. Assumes no responsibility for the uninterrupted and error-free access to MyDroneSpace application, the accuracy, completeness of MyDroneSpace application content and the correction of any errors.

The use of MyDroneSpace is solely at your own risk.

The User is solely responsible for the compatibility of the MyDroneSpace application with the User's device and other applications on the device.

The User acknowledges that HungaroControl Zrt. Shall not be liable for any damages, costs, losses arising out of or in connection with the use of the MyDroneSpace application, including but not limited to any error, malfunction, loss of data, possible delays in data transmission; and damage caused by a computer virus.

HungaroControl reserves the right to change the content of the MyDroneSpace application in whole or in part at any time, in particular, but not exclusively in accordance with changes in applicable law.

Budapest, 19th of February 2020

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